EdCamp Dubai interview

In an interview with Kevin Simpson, the founder of KDSL and a critical piece in bringing an EdCamp to Dubai, I learned a lot about the original thought behind the “unconference” and the potential for greatness that it definitely has. After connecting with an EdCamp Philly founder and the founder of EdCampDC, Kevin began talks with the EdCamp Foundation and decided to organize the first event in Dubai.

EdCamp Dubai is different than any other conference in the way that instead of sitting passively for lectures, the attendees are the presenters and agenda makers – covering topics that are relatable to all educators and that fit individual needs. Through this method of presentation, the attendees forge friendships and network beyond the conference as well, obeying the “law of two feet” and moving to the session most useful to each individual.

At the “unconference,” there are an array of topics that Kevin is expecting to be presented but these could span across the board to fit any and every individual concern of the educators in attendance. Expected topics may include literacy, technology, entrepreneurship, early childhood development/early years learning, and policy. Because the ultimate goal of EdCamps are to improve professional development, increase learning, and teaching potential, educators are put in the driver’s seat to choose what they want to learn or need to learn to teach their students. Kevin says, “We also want to start to learn about practices across the various curriculums represented in Dubai. So what can I learn from the British, American, Pakistani, Indian, French, German systems? How can we collaborate? Also, what can higher education learn from early years learning? What can educators learn from entrepreneurs? Dubai’s education system is so diverse. Teaching here I learned that but rarely had the opportunity to connect with my colleagues from other schools, levels.”

Because they want educators to take the lead, you’ll have to keep up with them through social media (or just attend yourself) to learn about what is going on throughout the day. To learn more, check out:


Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/edcampdubai
Email: edcampdubai@gmail.com
Website: http://edcampdubai.wordpress.com/
Wiki: http://edcamp.wikispaces.com/edcamp+Dubai
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/edcampdubai 
Register to attend:  http://edcampdubai.eventbrite.com/


EdCamp Dubai will take place on Saturday 12 May 2012 at Bradenton Preparatory Academy Dubai from 8:30am-4pm.


Educationally Yours,


Emily Blackshire
Global Education Collaborator Intern
KDSL – Know.Do.Serve.Learn
Website: www.knowdoservelearn.org
Blog: http://www.kdsl.wordpress.com/
Email: emilyKDSL2007@gmail.com


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